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Me and My Net Winner’s Week, 10-15 March 2012

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Me and My Net Wrap-up Event
Me and My Net Wrap-up Event: l-r Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, Royal Commonwealth Society; Siya Kulkarni, Winner Me and My Net 2011; Adam Flynn, Sumitomo Chemical, in front of some of the entries

Fifteen year old Siya Kulkarni, from India, was in London for Commonwealth Week 2012, as her prize as the Winner of Me and My Net 2011, supported by Sumitomo Chemical’s Olyset Net.

During the week, Siya represented her country by carrying the Indian flag at the Commonwealth Day Observance at Westminster Abbey.  She also visited Malaria No More UK, to find out about their malaria awareness campaigns, and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to see the insectaries and hear about the scientific work around malaria prevention.  With thanks to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK, Siya also had the opportunity to tour the Houses of Parliament and witness Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons.

Siya presented her winning campaign to the Commonwealth Nurses Conference, which was attended by nearly 200 delegates from 27 Commonwealth countries.  She also presented at a Me and My Net reception for the malaria community in London.  She said: “Although I come from India I was very ignorant about the impact that malaria has upon people in affected areas and was shocked by the scale of the problem. I was also struck by how easy it is to protect people with a net as opposed to using sprays or drugs. It is such a simple solution and yet, as a young person, I also know that we do not like being told what to do. I knew that my campaign had to find incentives for young people as a way to engage with them and encourage them to use their nets.

“I decided to split my Kids for Nets campaign to appeal to two age groups and used rhymes and the idea of decorating their nets to engage the 4-10 year-olds; whilst I wanted to show the young adult 11-15 year-olds that their future health and, therefore, their dreams for their future could be threatened.”

The Commonwealth Nurses Federation made a donation to Siya, which will be used to purchase Olyset Nets for distribution in Tanzania.

See Siya’s winning entry, and other award winners, at

Me and My Net winners announced

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Fifteen year old Siya Kulkarni, from Pune, India, has been announced as the winner of the ‘Me and My Net’ Competition, organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Winning first prize from more than 2000 entries, Siya was unanimously praised by the judges for her well-thought out campaign, “Nets for a Better Life”, which detailed activities for schools to undertake with their students, in order to encourage positive behaviour change.

Young people from 25 Commonwealth countries participated in the competition which was launched to provide young people with a way to share their attitudes towards, and awareness of, malaria. Entrants were invited to submit creative ways of encouraging their peers to use bed nets correctly. Information from the entries will be used to help shape future malaria education campaigns.

Adam Flynn, Sumitomo Chemical, was one of the competition judges. He said: “First and foremost, I was struck by the sheer quality of the entries, many of which contained the entrants’ personal experiences of malaria which so obviously shaped the pictures, stories, photos and heart-felt essays. Perhaps more importantly I was greatly encouraged by the level of awareness and understanding of malaria and how it could impact on their futures.”

See the full list of prize and certificate winners at

Read International on Me and My Net

Friday, October 28th, 2011

During a volunteering trip to Tanzania with READ International I was part of a team which distributed books to schools. We also renovated a library at Kilakala Secondary School; an all girl’s boarding school in. We were pleased to see that each student had been provided with their own mosquito net to cover their bed.  During the renovation we asked the girls to take part in the competition and they were very enthusiastic about the opportunity.  We found out that the School had a Malaria Club, so we sat down with the student members and, although they were shy at first, they soon became more confident and a few days later the word of the competition had spread around the School and entries flooded in from all age groups. We received entries that were really informative and in some cases shocking.  The young girls have experienced malaria first hand and write about it so casually that reading about the reality of it was upsetting. The essays showed their knowledge of Malaria, including statistics and data, showing the success of the Malaria Club.  Some of the entries included drawings and animations which the students enjoyed producing.  They loved having a chance to draw and express themselves in a way that they usually do not have the opportunity to do.  The students put so much effort into the competition and presented their entries proudly with beautiful handwriting; this was a testament to their commitment and dedication to their studies.  Overall, the content was well written and I enjoyed having a chance to read some of the students’ work and see the quality of their English writing.  For us at READ the competition allowed us to be more involved with the students and gave us an insight into their abilities. The students had a great knowledge of Malaria which taught me a thing or two!

The competition touches on a really important issue in Africa and giving the students an opportunity to write about it helped them to remember the importance of prevention.


Competition Deadline Extended

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

We have been thrilled to receive so many excellent entries into the Me and My Net Competition.  Due to popular demand, the deadline for entries into the competition has been extended to Friday 28 October 2011.

Remember, you can enter the competition in three ways:

1. Get Writing!
Imagine that you have a cousin who lives in a town where malaria is common.  Although she has been given a mosquito net to protect her from the disease, she doesn’t always use it. What do you think of her decision? Write her a letter to share your views.

2. Get Photographing! Get Drawing!
Take a photograph – or draw a picture – of you or a friend with a mosquito net.  Tell us a little about the picture and the net in it.

3. Get Creative!
Think of a way to teach other young people the importance of using a mosquito net to prevent malaria. You could:
- Make an eye-catching poster
- Create a memorable radio or TV advert
- Describe your own idea for an advertising campaign

You could win an exciting prize, with the overall winner being flown to London for the Commonwealth Day Observance in March 2012.  You can enter each of the sections of the competition once, so if you have already submitted a photo, you can still enter a letter and a campaign!  Find out more about how to enter, and share with us your views on malaria here.

Looking to promote the competition in your school or organisation?  Download the Me and My Net Flyer.