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Malaria in Uganda

August 8th, 2011 | 0 comments


Commonwealth Ranking: 2
World Ranking: 6
Population: 32.7 million
Life expectancy: 53 years
Reported malaria cases per year: 12.7 million
Notified cases per 100,000: 36, 233
Deaths of under 5s caused by malaria per year: 70-100,000
Households owning at least one net: 16%
Under 5s sleeping under nets: 10%


Did you know?

In Uganda, Malaria is the main cause of infant mortality and kills 350 children every day.

Malaria in Sri Lanka

April 14th, 2011 | 1 comment


Sri Lanka's flag and location off the coast of India.

Commonwealth Ranking: 26
World Ranking: 81
Population: 20 million
Life expectancy: 74.1 years
Reported malaria cases per year: 558
Notified cases per 100,000: 21
Deaths caused by malaria per year: 0
Households owning at least one net: 70%
Under 5s sleeping under nets: 70%

Before World War Two, Sri Lanka suffered from over 3 million annual cases of malaria. Today, just 558 Sri Lankans are effected by the disease each year. With a population of over 20 million, only 4.9 million – less than a quarter of the island’s population – live in malarious areas, and zero fatalities were reported last year. However, the situation in Sri Lanka has been volatile. Following the launch of an eradication programme in the 1950s, the country rejoiced in having reduced the number of annual cases from 3 million to just a handful. However, throughout the 1960s and 70s, Sri Lanka struggled to contain outbreaks of the disease. It is only in the last decade that the country has seen a steady decline in cases of malaria. Even so, late last year, officials reported a 25% increase in reported cases.

Did you know?

Sri Lanka has appeared on the point of abolishing malaria several times since its first eradication campaign in the 1950s, but the country is yet to fully defeat the disease.

Malaria in Nigeria

March 31st, 2011 | 1 comment

Commonwealth Ranking:  1
World Ranking:  6
Population size:  154 million
Life expectancy:  46.5 years
Reported malaria cases per year:  Approx 3 million
Notified cases per 100,000 people:  38,259
Deaths of under 5s caused by malaria per year:  250,000
Households owning at least one net:  8%
Under 5s sleeping under nets:  6%
Under 5s with fever receiving anti-malarial drugs:  33%

Nigeria is the worst Commonwealth country for malaria, according to instances of the disease every year. The West African nation has a population of over 150 million, and a life expectancy of just 46.5 years. Malaria is one of the biggest causes of death, particularly amongst children, and accounts for over 60% of visits to clinics and hospitals.

The fight against malaria is expensive. Malaria prevention and treatment costs the developing nation 132 billion Naira (£500 million) every year. However, just 8% of households currently own a mosquito net. The government has been working with the World Bank, World Health Organisation, UNDP and UNICEF on a campaign to “Roll Back Malaria”. Today, Nigeria is working hard to create an effective strategy to control malaria, but the country is still a long way from defeating the disease.

At the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, Nigerian table tennis player Ekundayo Nasiru had to pull out of the men’s singles competition when he fell ill with malaria. More than 1,000 cases of malaria, including three deaths, were reported in the Indian capital over the summer. However, Nasiru could have contracted the disease in his home country where over 3 million cases are diagnosed every year. Left with just four fit players, Nigeria’s men’s team was unable to defend their title from the 2006 Melbourne Games where they won gold.

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