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About Olyset Net

Sumitomo Chemical’s award-winning Olyset® Net is a proven, effective tool in the fight against malaria. The Olyset Net works by preventing Anopheles mosquitoes from biting people, reducing the transmission of malaria. Anopheles mosquitoes are the species of mosquito thay carry malaria from person to person via infected blood.

The Olyset Net contains an insecticide, which is a chemical used to kill insects which may harm us. The nets resist against washing and tearing which helps them last longer and when looked after correctly, they can last for up to five years. Olyset Nets never need re-treatment with insecticide.

How the Olyset Net works

Olyset Nets have a special ‘controlled release technology’ so unlike other nets, the insecticide (known as Permethrin) is incorporated within the fibre of the nets, not just coated on the outside. This insecticide is slowly released and the active ingredient that controls mosquitoes continues to be released for more than five years.

The nets have four different effects on malaria transmission:

  • They prevent bites
  • They repel mosquitoes
  • They knock down mosquitoes
  • They kill mosquitoes

All of these factors contribute to protection from biting mosquitoes and other insects.


Olyset Net was the first Long Lasting Insecticidal Net (LLIN) to earn the World Health Organisation’s recommendation.

Olyset Nets in Africa  

Olyset Net production began in 2003 when Sumitomo Chemical provided a

royalty-free technology license to A to Z Textile Mills in Arusha, Tanzania. Last year Olyset Net production capacity in Tanzania was more than 29 million nets a year.

Olyset Net production in Tanzania provides employment for approximately 7,000 people, significantly helping the local economy.  Stitching factories in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Malawi are furthering localisation of Olyset Net Manufacturing in Africa and the spread of employment.

To find out more about Olyset, please look at this website, or this informative leaflet.